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Window and door frames made with Ottostumm | Mogs steel and Architectural Bronze systems are characterized by an essential and contemporary design, permeated with the best Italian taste and supported by Swiss high technology.

  • FerroFinestra

    The beauty of 1920s architecture reinterpreted in a contemporary version.

  • Mogs 2mm

    Large openings with an extremely slim profiles.

  • BronzoFinestra

    Streamlined design, geometric lines and perfect symmetries declined in the prestigious Architectural Bronze.


Windows and doors, bifolding and pivot openings, minimail curtain walls and dedicated custom solutions: discover all the projects realized with Ottostumm | Mogs distinctive steel window systems.


The history of working with steel and bronze dates back many centuries, but the enormous design potential they unfold, when correctly chosen and processed, is all to come. The beauty and material value of steel, combined with its high performance, give life to a unique architectural and aesthetic style.


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