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Window and door frames made with Ottostumm | Mogs steel and architectural bronze systems are characterized by an essential and contemporary design, permeated with the best Italian taste and supported by Swiss high technology.

  • FerroFinestra

    The beauty of 1920s architecture repurposed in a contemporary way.

  • Mogs 2mm

    Large openings with extremely small visual footprint.

  • BronzoFinestra

    Neat design, geometric lines and perfect symmetries declined in the prestigious architectural bronze.


Windows and doors, sliding and folding openings, FerroFinestra, facades and dedicated custom solutions: discover all the projects realized with Ottostumm | Mogs distinctive steel window systems.


The history of working with steel and bronze has a long heritage, but the enormous potential they reveal is all in the development.
The beauty and material value of steel, combined with its high performance, give rise to a unique architectural and aesthetic style.


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