Architectural bronze

A noble, ancient and prestigious metal, bronze has always been a favourite material for architects because of its aesthetic characteristics and uniqueness. Architectural bronze is a living, changing material, subject to natural oxidation or weathering that gives it warm tones and variegated nuances, ranging from golden yellow to copper red, from different shades of classic browns to dark browns with the characteristic emergence of copper green. The natural oxidation process can be accelerated and calibrated by patinating the frame to obtain the chromatic effect most in harmony with the style of the façade and interior, or completely avoided by proceeding directly to a protective finishing treatment, which allows the original golden shine of the material to be maintained. The corners of windows and doors made of Architectural Bronze profiles, once welded, are ground flat to achieve a homogeneous appearance. Ottostumm | Mogs Architectural Bronze is a copper alloy specially designed for extrusion in high precision production lines. With a compact surface, suitable for bending, satin or polishable, it represents the natural evolution of an ancient material reinterpreted for contemporary architecture.

Projects realized with this material