Stainless steel

The technical properties and remarkable resistance over time make stainless steel a very popular material used in construction and architecture since 1920. Its exceptional characteristics allow its use even in areas subject to strong environmental aggression, for roofs, curtain walls, doors and windows of very long duration, in almost total absence of maintenance. Appreciated above all for its metallic shine, stainless steel allows extreme design freedom in terms of surface finishes, such as “black stainless steel”, which can be obtained by applying special patinas on the brushed or sandblasted surface. Thanks to its natural and evocative texture, black stainless steel gives windows and doors an exclusive character. The corners of windows and doors made from cold rolled stainless steel profiles are mainly welded and welds are ground flat and polished. The steel chosen by Ottostumm | Mogs in the family products FerroFinestra W75 TB, Mogs M65 TB, MLS72 TB, WLS72 TB and also for the Neutra Minimal Sliding is considered as the best stainless steel alloy, AISI 316L stainless steel, containing the largest amount of molybdenum. AISI 316L is normally called “marine steel” because it is able to resist corrosion even in a highly salty environment.

Projects realized with this material