Ottostumm | Mogs

Swiss technology, italian design

A design story

Ottostumm | Mogs is internationally recognised as the benchmark for high performance, design-driven steel, stainless steel, Cor-Ten and architectural  bronze window and door systems.

The highest value solution to any design requirement, both in modern architecture and in heritage projects.

Bringing authenticity and beauty to the world of windows and doors. It was with this aim in mind that the company was founded in 2008, in response to the widespread use of materials such as aluminium or PVC. Bauhaus, with its large glass and steel openings with slender frames, was and remains the reference point: overcoming its historical technical limits and bringing back its true beauty was the mission. Italian design and Swiss technology: Ottostumm | Mogs is the perfect synthesis.

“In the late 40’s, when I was a young boy, my friends and I liked to spend hours in old factories, which were abandoned or partially destroyed. One of our favorite games, surely due to the historical occurrences of that period, was plane sighting. For this purpose one lucky boy was elected to scan the sky and the other were operating crank wheels and special gear to open and close endless lines of pivoting steel windows.”

Karl Otto Stumm


Hot-rolled steel profiles – with their characteristic minimalist aesthetics – give shape to doors and windows of incomparable style. Their slender lines seem to give lightness to the frames, making them lose weight and emphasising the transparency of the façade. The systems developed by Ottostumm | Mogs are the result of a passion for the historic FerroFinestra, which has embellished the facades of the world’s most beautiful palaces and residences for more than a century with its unrivalled elegance and essentiality.

This timeless design has been brought back with extreme attention to detail in Ottostumm I Mogs systems, declining in various qualities of steel and architectural bronze. Window and doorframes made with Ottostumm | Mogs systems enhance the slim lines of the frames, the balanced proportions of the overlay systems and their precious finishes.


Ottostumm | Mogs relies on a structured international network to realise the most prestigious architectural projects. It collaborates with the world’s most important architectural and professional firms.

Hot-rolled steel, cold-formed steel, Cor-Ten steel, stainless steel and architectural bronze are the materials that Ottostumm | Mogs has selected to give architects and designers the opportunity to design doors and windows with unique aesthetic qualities. In their fascinating and multiple finishes, left natural or embellished with burnishing, patinated or painted in any shade and tactile texture, they convey a very eclectic architectural language of incomparable beauty.

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