Agriturismo “Le Cerque”

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Rieti | Italy
Arch. Francesco Fabbrovich
Paolo Fusco
FerroFinestra W40

In a tuff farmhouse of the early twentieth-century, in the heart of the Sabina, the old portico has been converted into a new glass area inspired by the English ‘conservatory’. The portico has now been converted in the living room for the family living in the farmhouse and reception and breakfast room for guests of the farm. The intervention plays with the style of the existing farmhouse looking for assonance and harmony with materials and color fields, allowing the contemporary design to emerge only from the linearity of the detailed solutions. The rough steel of the structure and of the fixtures is combined with the brick of the original flooring and with the new one of the smooth slabs of the ceiling. The corner bench, covered in recycled cementing and heated by the same radiant floor system, resolves, with the seat surface, the difference in height with the external flooring. The voids of the old portico have been replaced by a curtain wall system with Ottostumm | Mogs FerroFinestra profile in hot-rolled steel with a transparent opaque finish. The profile, with its extremely thin sections, ensures at the same time a great brightness and a very low heat loss. The rough finish and the play of the frames effectively convey the timeless style of the intervention, in harmony with the patinas and the material and chromatic fields of the existing farmhouse.

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