Bonotto delle Tezze Winery

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Tezze di Piave, Vazzola (TV) | Italy
Arch. Silvio Stefani
Marco Zanta
FerroFinestra W40

The Veneto countryside is dotted with wineries rich of history and tradition: the region alone produces more than 30% of Italian quality wine. The left bank of the Piave river, under the Prosecco hills, is the land of red wine. The Bonotto delle Tezze family has lived there since at least 1400: over twenty generations dedicated to the production of wine.

The recent renovation work has had as its object the real wine cellar, a two-storey barchessa which today houses the fruit drying room for the grapes and the vats for ageing. The large windows are made using the system FerroFinestra W40 in an evocative calamine effect.

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