Glass Cube

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Ostuni | Italy
Arch. Enrico Maria Cicchetti Studio EMC | Architects W
Mogs 65 TB

A rural paradise made of olive trees and lush nature is the harmonious background to a group of trulli restored to the splendor of the past. In this skillful renovation, in which the interiors flow seamlessly in the exterior and vice versa, the attention is focused on the realization of a glass cube, where light plays a primary role. The Glass Cube is a volume converted from storage of agricultural implements to an extension of the living area, creating a continuity with other environments by means of exposed stone walls, making fluid the spaces and passages between the various routes. It is essential, linear, rational, composed of a series of exposed concrete slabs rotated 90 ° with respect to each other, connected by vertical and horizontal glass walls. The insertion of the new transparent volume has been realized with the Mogs 65 TB Steel system, which allows to obtain large windows with a very small visual impact (18 mm) together with a high anti-burglary safety and excellent energy performances. The planner, Architect Enrico Maria Cicchetti, has been inspired by the principles of the Bauhaus and by the interpretation of design as a union of art, craftsmanship and technology. The result of the work is given by the direct synergy between the various workers of the place, which bring the knowledge of local materials and their workmanship, and the designer who integrates the historicity with a balanced modern contribution.

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