Goldsmith workshop

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Rome | Italy
Arch. Adriano Pingaro
Paolo Fusco
FerroFinestra W50 TB e Mogs 65 TB

The intervention involved the demolition of an old pre-existent building on the lot and the subsequent reconstruction of a two-family house, in addition to the basement. In its intended use, this is the style, professional and administrative office of Iosselliani jewels, a company that deals with the creation of costume jewelry and niche high-end jewelry. The large window is the element of continuity between the exterior and the interior where the minimal impact of the steel window frame ensures brightness, elegance and safety. The internal volume is characterized by a partial double height that allows an opening height of the entrance and a balcony on the upper level that overlooks the living room and serves as an element of distribution of the rooms located on the first floor. The mezzanine floor is characterized both on the front and on the back by two large full-height windows made with thermal barrier steel profiles that also act as a separator with the outside, in continuity with the gardens.

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