House in the landscape

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Treviso | Italy
Marco Zanta
FerroFinestra W75 TB

The residential building is located in an area of the Treviso countryside that has remained intact and is very important from a landscape point of view, as it is lapped by the Meolo river and close to the bed of the Piave river. The building consists of two L-shaped rectangular bodies, of which the two-storey main building contains the residential functions, while the single-storey secondary building contains the service rooms, a guest living area and the garage with warehouse. The two-pitch roof protrudes along the main fronts and is covered with traditional recovered tiles. The walls are composed of hemp lime covered inside and out with breathable plaster made from natural hydraulic lime and pozzolan in the colour of wet earth, and are cut by windows of varying sizes that offer suggestive views of the lush garden and the landscape.

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