Garibaldi memorial

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Caprera | Italy
Pietro Carlo Pellegrini architetto
Mogs 65 TB

Fort Arbuticci, built in the 19th century, housed defensive structures as part of the military armoury for the Maddalena islands. The Fort lies near to the humble dwelling where Giuseppe Garibaldi and his family spent the last twenty-six years of his life and from this rose the Memorial dedicated to the hero; not a traditional museum but a multimedia reconstruction of his eventful lifetime. In addition to viewing the displays of rare documents and collections on show in the four buildings, strung along a chronological narration from his youth in Nice to retirement in Caprera, the attention of the visitor is fluidly guided from the library to the specialized video-library, from the small projection room to the carefully crafted external spaces which can be adapted and arranged for themed events. The Mogs 65 thermal break system of doors and windows in painted steel fit perfectly with the military architecture of the Fort and the island’s marine environment.

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