Oceaanhuis_West 507

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Rotterdam | The Netherlands
Mei architects and planners
Bart van Hoek
FerroFinestra W40

Mei architects and planners redeveloped the Ocean House on the Westzeedijk in Rotterdam – also known as the Stokvis building. Once the headquarter of Europe’s largest trading company, this national monument has been converted into a unique loft residential building.

An extensive cultural-historical exploration was carried out prior to the design process. Due to the turbulent history, many different time layers are visible in the building. A modern volume has been added on top, slightly set back in relation to the facade ,while the monumental elements, such as the entrance at Heiman Dullaertplein, the Gothic hall and Tudor hall, and the canteen on the roof, have remained intact. The characterstic windows of the red brick facade and the wide openings of the inner courtyard have been replaced with contemporary windows made of thin steel profiles, offering modern comfort while preserving the original aesthetics.

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