Palazzina Barberia

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Treviso | Italy
Paolo Lucchetta + RetailDesign, with Gianluca Trovó and Miyako Noda
Marco Zanta
BronzoFinestra B75 TB

The Palazzina Barberia building, in the historic center of Treviso, tells a story that spans the city’s history: a Gothic lot on a calle that recalls influences from the urban fabric of the city of Venice; a typological layout in which the rules of the tripartition of Venetian Renaissance palazzine are easily discernible; and a nineteenth-century staircase of distribution to the five levels. In general, a respectable decorative layout of Renaissance frescoes and a material pauperism in the construction of wood and brick, typical of Venetian construction.

The dialogue between memory and new connections has guided the skillful work of recovery of the historic building, destined to host the Trevisotiramisù spaces, entirely devoted to the celebration and tasting of the typical Treviso dessert, known worldwide.
Five floors will house tastings, cafeteria, cooking classes, immersive spaces and a refined retail.

Extra-clear single pane brass windows and doors, made of thermal break BronzoFinestra B75, frame an architectural work of great elegance and allow for unexpected views of the city on each floor of the building.

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