Palazzo del Mezzogiorno

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Bari | Italy
Mauro Sàito con M. Pignatelli, M. Quarta, N. Stefanelli
Alberto Muciaccia
FerroFinestra W50 TB

The restoration of the Palazzo del Mezzogiorno, carried out in 1951 within the Bari Fiera del Levante on a project by the architect Piero Mario Favia, provides for the recovery of the original features of one of the testimonies of the Modern Movement in Bari, and its re-use in order to host the museum, exhibition and educational spaces of the Apulia Film House, a new “Cinema house”. The planners have formulated a restoration proposal aimed at restoring the distinctive features of this “modern monument” – the multi-functionality and transparency – today strongly altered despite the fact that the building has been restricted since 2008. The large glass and steel openings, with thermal break technology, fully respect the original aesthetics and guarantee the building excellent thermal and acoustic insulation values ​​and a long life.

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