Private Residence SL

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Apulia | Italy
Arch. Piergiorgio Semerano
Mogs M65 TB

The imposing presence of a stone and lattice design fence and thick vegetation allow only a glimpse of a building whose volume is partially emptied by a deep garden terrace that melts with the green underneath. The lattice design entrance door is almost invisible. Surprisingly, the indoor volume is much bigger than the outdoor one because the basement is arranged as a living room by creating an opening that crosses all the three floors and visually extends over the height of the building by means of a large roof window that cuts the roof along its entire length. The basement is the main living-room because the ground was dug to create a large yard where the wide kitchen overlooks. Consequently, the garden is developed on two levels, connected by an inclined ground planted with aromatic plants and an herbal garden. Like the roof, the back side is cut along the whole height so that the garden is visible from all indoor areas. The glimpse, no more limited by space, can perceive dimensions that can no longer be found in the contemporary architecture of a house.

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