Private Residence SS

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Sardinia | Italy
Mogs 65 TB Stainless Steel

The villa, with its distinctive aesthetic, functional and quality features, overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea from the peak of a cape, in a perfect fusion of exquisite architectural elegance and natural beauty of the location, characterized by intense sunlight and by the Mediterranean breezes and perfumes. Spaces and functions have been the themes to which planners paid specific attention, choosing prestigious materials that have required proper time for designing, construction and installation. As regards windows and doors, the planners selected stainless steel, thanks to its features of long service life and its resistance to atmospheric agents, even near the sea. The use of very slender profiles, with a reduced section on view, used also for the creation of very wide openings, together with the mirror finish of the frames, gave windows and doors a really sophisticated look, as well as assuring a notable brightness to the interiors, which become one with the exterior.

Projects realized with this system