Terrae San Lorenzo

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Vittorio Veneto (TV) | Italy
Studio Metamorphosi 104
Clara Galanti, Mauro Lovisetto
FerroFinestra W40 | FerroFinestra W50 TB

In the village of Serravalle, amidst the Prosecco hills, lies Terrae San Lorenzo: a vineyard, winery and ancient dwelling used as a comfortable bed & breakfast. It is from the skilful restoration of an old farmhouse dating back to the early 17th century that the agritourism farm stands, a place of the soul that takes us back to an ancient dimension, to a different rhythm.

The entire project is characterised by a strong love for the traditions of Veneto wine growers, which is manifested primarily in the choice of materials and evocative finishes. Doors and windows are made of thin iron profiles, which bring back the beauty of the past while providing guests with the most up-to-date comfort. The FerroFinestra system has also given life to a winter garden that extends from the façade, a trait d’union between human space and the greenery of the surrounding countryside.

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