The Loma

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Milan | Italy
Arch. Roberto Battistello
Marco Zanta
FerroFinestra W75 TB

As magnificent as a 19th-century palace and as trendy as Manhattan lofts: this is the new The Loma, in the heart of Milan. The elegant white façade synthesizes the dialogue between the architectural style of the twentieth century and elements of distinctive modernity. Refined string-course cornices and tone-on-tone decorations frame large windows with an exquisitely contemporary taste, made with the Ottostumm | Mogs FerroFinestra W75 thermal break system.

The full-height openings of the façade, including the large pivot door of the entrance and the sliding doors of the penthouses, are made with the FerroFinestra W75 TB steel system, respecting the classic style of the building while giving it a distinctive metropolitan flavour and ensuring excellent thermal and acoustic performance. The same system and accessories are also used for the splendid second- and third-floor loggias and for all the internal partitions, including the doors of the common areas. An exterior/interior stylistic coherence that ensures a timeless beauty to this new Milanese residential estate.

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