Villa La Grintosa

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Porto Cervo | Italy
Arch. Stefania Stera – Stera Architects
M65 TB inox

A sculpture to live barefoot. Stefania Stera, an Italian architect who has her studio in Paris, designs a majestic villa, perfectly integrated into the landscape of the Costa Smeralda. Villa La Grintosa is a prodigy of light and movement, with linear curves and textures that intersect each other, underlining the combination of art and architecture. Architect Stera has brought together international designers and skilled workers to work together, creating volumes that do not alternate the site, but magnificence it. The villa is characterized by enormous openings, some geometric and others – soft and sinuous – follow the curve of the landscape and the conformation of the natural elements. A large folding opening closes the patio, transforming it into a magnificent living en plain air. The outer door of the kitchen – a custom-designed huge, curved sliding door surprises with a height of over 4 meters while maintaining maximum elegance and slimness of the frames. These spectacular openings that characterize the villa, including the exotic pointed arch window of the master bedroom, are made with the Mogs M65 TB stainless steel system. The finish is two-coloured: Cor-ten effect for the exterior, while the interior has been coated in various colours, according to the style of the different rooms.

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