W75 TB

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The new FerroFinestra W75 TB system keeps the streamlined and clean design of the FerroFinestra family while offering superior thermal insulation. It features flush and overlapping aesthetics, an efficient polyamide insulating core, and a profile design that accommodates the latest selective insulating glass. The W75 TB system responds to the most demanding projects, for all types of windows and doors where the highest aesthetic and performance requirements are expected. Available in pickled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel and architectural bronze.

System Features

cold formed and sharp-edged 1,5 mm thick galvanized steel profiles – high precision production lines

continuously laser welded profile, high mechanical performance

can be both internally and externally flush or overlapping, or externally flush and internally overlapping

profile depth compatible with insulating glass up to 56 mm

fiberglass-reinforced polyamide insulator

wide choice of glazing beads, rectangular, triangular and double “L” shape

EPDM co-extruded sealing gaskets

wide choice of specific fittings, including both visible and conceived hinges

side-hung, top-hung and bottom-hung windows, tilt and turn, pivoting windows, sliding and folding doors

surface finishes in any customized or RAL colours, for a great planning freedom

Glazing beads

FV 1515A-02

FV 1520E-02 | -05 | -07 | -12

FV 1520R-02 | -05 | -07 | -12

FV 1520S-02 | -05 | -07 | -12


C99008-04 | -12
example on window

C99121-02 | -04 | -12
example on window

C99154-02 | -04
example on window

C99127-02 | -04 | -12
example on window

C99122-02 | -04 | -12
example on door

C99327-05 | -12
example on window / pivot door

example on door

C99155-02 | -04
example on door


Galvanized steel

Stainless steel

Cor-Ten steel

Bright steel

Other projects


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