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Technical assistance

Ottostumm | Mogs pays particular attention to the technical assistance service to architects and clients, providing them with technical feedback and information right from the start of the project, such as feasibility checks, specification descriptions for tenders and evaluations for local design requirements, as well as prior cost estimates to make the most appropriate economic choice for the specific project. In the second phase, the company collaborates with the sales network to coordinate with the most suitable partner metalworkers for the realization and installation of the windows.

Architectural Consultancy

Ottostumm | Mogs is able to meet any design requirement in both modern architecture and redevelopment, for the public and private sector. The versatility of Ottostumm | Mogs profiles allows the realisation of any type of doors, windows, sliding and folding openings and glazed facades of both small and large dimensions. From feasibility and quotation requests, dedicated cost estimates, technical and site assessments, we support architectural firms and property developers in the efficient realisation of every project.

Research and development

Contemporary architecture demands a new generation of steel profiles that combine the charm of historic iron windows with modern comfort. Thanks to continuous research into materials, innovations and technologies, Ottostumm I Mogs produces steel and architectural bronze systems for windows and doors with maximum performance in terms of safety, thermal-acoustic insulation, durability and functionality. The internal R&D department is always committed to searching for the most advanced solutions and the most efficient accessories to ensure perfect functionality over time.


Ottostumm | Mogs relies on a structured network of professionals to produce windows and doors of the highest aesthetic and performance value. In our internal workshop, we constantly organise dedicated training sessions for our customers and partners to introduce and showcase our systems and the latest product innovations, as well as providing dedicated sessions for in-depth technical and design developments.

Tests and Certifications

Window and doors made with Ottostumm | Mogs steel and architectural bronze systems are subjected to all major international tests and certifications at the most important international institutes, guaranteeing the highest level in terms of resistance to atmospheric agents (water, air, wind), burglary resistance and security, robustness.
For specific design and geographical requirements, our systems are also tested and certified to guarantee the most efficient and secure solution in every work.

Special samples

In our company workshop, we are constantly testing and developing new products and solutions to achieve the highest level of performance and design. We make samples and mock ups (VMU) according to the needs of each customer, for the specificity of the project to be implemented.

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