The advantages of steel windows and doors


Ottostumm | Mogs offers the international market the best solutions for steel and bronze windows and doors. It complements modern architecture and contemporary design with systems for doors, windows, lifting and sliding windows, curtain walls and openings of all kinds characterized by extremely slim frames. Large ‘all-glass’ openings that exploit the exceptional properties of steel and the perfect geometry of the design to keep the profile as narrow as possible, while ensuring maximum performance in terms of burglary resistance, thermal-acoustic insulation, durability and functionality over time.
The design of the window can be highly customised through the choice of glazing beads, hinges, handles and, of course, the surface finish.


Ottostumm | Mogs steel profiles are derived from a continuously formed and welded steel sheet, no less than 1,5 mm thick, to extraordinarily raise the level of anti-intrusion security of living spaces, which traditionally have their greatest point of vulnerability in doors and windows. Thermal break systems are also designed not to compromise the burglar-proof security of the window frame in any way. The depth of the profile (65-72 mm) is designed in such a way as to allow the housing of any type of glass, even of considerable thickness and weight, security and low-emissivity glass. The real and perceived value of homes fitted with high security Ottostumm | Mogs windows and doors is objectively increased.


Using thermal break steel systems in the construction of windows and doors means optimising the planet’s resources. The exceptionally low values of thermal conductivity of steel, about 3 times lower than aluminium, combined with the total absence of draughts that alone would compromise any insulating system, allow lower consumption of energy for air conditioning and therefore a lower emission of harmful substances, as well as, of course, a significant saving for families. The long-life cycle of the product, ensured by the robustness of our profiles, minimises waste and the need for maintenance or replacement of the window.


Thin profile sections combine architectural design, comfort and well-being with exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation coefficients. This is cutting-edge technology combined with energy efficiency, perfect aesthetics and the use of environmentally friendly materials for sustainable construction.


The performance of steel alloys is very high: steel’s thermal conductivity is ten times lower than aluminium and, thanks to thermal break, transmittance is greatly reduced, for real energy savings. The acoustic performance is also remarkable, up to 43 dB, for truly serene and relaxing environments.